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Our Programs



Probably the easiest and most basic of the four programs we offer. With full private branding opportunities available at no extra cost. This is a great option for someone that wants to get started right away. We can then either sell you our currently stocked products or manufacture it within a reasonable amount of time. We have a track record that over 90% of the time we can beat other manufacturers pricing on today’s market. Minimum orders on stocked product lines start as low as 12 units at a time.


Wholesale - Non-Stocked

Let’s say you have a formula, an idea that no one else has on the market and we don’t normally stock it. We have the capability of producing literally ANY supplement formula, ranging from dietary supplements, vitamins, fat burners, to even male/female enhancement pills. Would we protect your idea? YES! Full exclusivity and branding comes with this program, we even have NDA agreements in place to sign and show proof of protection for your formula. Minimum order quantities are much higher for this program than any of the other 3 programs. Minimum orders range from 1,000 to 2,500 units (or a high frequency of smaller minimums are ok too) depending on the formula presented. Production times run from 3-6 weeks. Labeling and shipping come free with these purchases. You will get some of the best pricing available through this program. Under normal circumstances, for first time buyers, we will require half down to start production and half on delivery. These terms are negotiable with trade references or if you have established history with us.

Please note: if you create a fully custom product with Infiniti and request it to be overstocked, at our own discretion, we have the right to resell any of these same products publicly. If you wish to receive exclusivity on your formula, the entire batch must be purchased up front. If any amount less than the full lot# is purchased, Infiniti may freely sell the remaining units publicly and even list it on their website or other marketing platforms. If you purchase the entire lot# up front, Infiniti is bound to and will always honor exclusivity on your products.


Dropship - Private Branding

Dropshipping is easy to understand by following the steps below.

  1. We have an agreement of pricing, products, and shipping method offered to you.
  2. You advertise your product lines that we have in stock in our warehouse on the internet or storefront.
  3. As you get orders, you send them to us and we will fulfill it for you. We then bill you the wholesale cost + shipping and you keep whatever is left over for what you sold it to the customer for.
We have a fully integrated dropship program available for both small and large businesses. This is a great opportunity for people that do not have a lot of money to start a business out of pocket. We offer free private labeling and branding to all dropship accounts, large or small. Each account is quoted individually depending on various factors (volume, packaging requirements, inserts, average weight, shipping method chosen, etc).

Dropship - Private Branding

This program is what makes us unique. Hardly any fulfillment center in the world offers a service like this. We will research a product idea that you provide, price a product, source the ingredients at the cheapest costs and we will store it and ship it to your customers. We will even keep the product line exclusive to you as long as you are selling it. What’s the cost? Absolutely nothing out of pocket to start if you are approved for this type of program. This option is not usually available until a few conditions are met and runs through an approval process. We run an obvious risk to stock a significant amount of a new product line and then count on each one of those units to be sold by one party. On the other hand, some of the best pricing options are available from this route. You can qualify for this program 2 different ways.
  1. You Purchase the Product: You can purchase the supply of products and we will store it and ship it from our warehouse. The only fees that will come from us at this point is the pick and pack fee and our shipping costs. That’s it, no other costs involved. If you are eliminating our risk of stocking overhead in your name, then it makes it easy to supply your company with direct to consumer fulfillment.
  2. Show Proof of Volume: You are able to show proof of consistently getting 50 orders per day or more on any other online website (it does not count if you are combining multiple websites together), or if you’ve already worked with us for 2-3 months in the past with a sufficient amount of order history. Or if you’ve been highly recommended by someone we have worked with and have proven that you have the capabilities of selling the inventory we stock you.