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Raspberry Ketones 60ct

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Product Overview


Raspberry Ketones (30 Day Supply)

• One Bottle (2 capsules per day) 60 capsules. 1 month supply.

Product Details:

Raspberry ketone is the primary aroma compound found in red raspberries.  To get the same benefit from the whole fruit, you'd have to consume an unpleasant amount of red raspberries (about 90 pounds).

Each capsule contains the optimal daily dosage.
• 125mg Razberi-K™
• 50mg EGCG at 50% potency (from decaffeinated green tea extract)


Razberi-K is the ketone found specifically in red raspberries.  Our formula provides the optimal daily dosage for your body to digest to achieve the maximum amount of weight loss that your body needs.  Each capsule also contains EGCG, which will helps in providing a natural boost of energy that you will need and want every day, especially when exercising.

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Raspberry Ketones are a fantastic dietary supplement by itself, but also compliment many other diet plans.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review