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Green Coffee Bean w/ Svetol® 60ct

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Product Overview


Price and Quality Guarantee

There are two things that a consumer will always find important in a product; quality and price.  Literally billions of dollars are spent on supplements each year.  What many don't realize is some of those supplements are marked up by insane amounts, some as high as 500% profits to the company you purchased from.

At Infiniti Creations, we know what the cost is to manufacture a top of the line formula.  Most websites selling this product sell it for upwards of $50, even up to $100 per bottle and you know what you purchase?  1 or 2 bottles and their marketing pitch, plain and simple.  Some of those store fronts you have purchased from might even be OUR product relabeled and remarketed.  

We stock over 100,000 units of Green Coffee Bean in our warehouse.  We restock inventory nearly every 4-6 weeks.  We supply over 500 online and offline retailers.  We're offering a limited opportunity to skip the middle man and purchase directly from the source.  No sale pitch, no marketing scheme, just a top quality product at a rock bottom price.


  • One Bottle (2 capsules, twice daily) 60 capsules (2200mg).

Product Details:

Green Coffee Beans contain a special component called chlorogenic acid.  This key component can’t be found in your normal coffee, due to how it’s processed.  Cholorgenic acid is the component that does 3 key things:

  1. Causes the body to burn glucose and sugar, and therefore burn fat.
  2. Slows the release of sugar into the blood stream.  (When you have sugar in the blood stream, you don’t have fat because sugar turns to fat.)
  3. Combined together you get a synergistic effect that burns, blocks and stops fat, but it is also completely and naturally safe.
Only Svetol® contains both a complex of chlorogenic acids and a very specific chlorogenic acid believed to be most beneficial to human health.  These acids are maintained in a consistent ratio within Svetol®, and it's this precise composition that yields the best results.
Each serving contains the optimal daily and recommended dosage.
  • 200 mg - Patented Green Coffee Bean Extract Svetol®
  • 900 mg - Green Coffee Bean Extract

What Quality is this Product?

  • 900mg/serving 100% PURE Standardized Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • 200mg/serving of the patented Svetol®
  • Manufactured in cGMP laboratory in an FDA Registered facility
  • 45% Chlorogenic Acid / 50% Polyphenols / 10% Caffeine
  • No Additives, No Preservatives, Veggie Capsule
  • 60 capsules (bottle can last for 30 days at 2 capsule daily or 15 days at 4 capsules daily, your choice!)
Want Proof of this Quality?
Just ask and we'll email you 3rd party inspection certificates verifying the ingredients are exactly as claimed.  We have nothing to hide, and we're not afraid to show it.
What Pricing is this Product?
We assess ALL of our pricing based on 3 things; overhead, risk, and demand.  Right now all 3 of these categories favor the customer.  When you buy in bulk, you save, plain and simple.  We ship thousands of products daily, and as such we get incredible shipping rates and we won't charge you a dime for shipping within the US.  Even if your order takes up a whole pallet we pay your shipping costs.
Why do you Require a Minimum Order to Save?
Simple, we're not Wal-mart or Target.  We're a distributor.  We make nickels and dimes from our orders per bottle while the retailers make the money.  The only way for a distributor to make their money and be competitive is to bank on volume, NOT individual bottle sales.

Start Your Business Today!

Why pay extra for one or two bottles, when you can get multiple bottles at wholesale pricing? Purchase from the manufacturing source and get amazing wholesale pricing less than $10 per bottle!  Private labeling is free and available on all wholesale orders of 12 or more bottles.  A graphic designer will contact you shortly after your order has been placed to help create your custom label.

Interested in selling Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol® to your customers without dealing with the hassle of carrying inventory and shipping your product?  We offer dropshipping services!  For more information about our dropship and distribution services, call us at 888-764-8684 and see why we're the best distributor for your health supplement needs!


Why are we the Best Online Wholesale Nutrition Warehouse?

checkmark.jpg Private Labeling - 100% free!
checkmark.jpg Free Shipping! - Available through UPS Ground, the most accurate and reliable shipping company available.
checkmark.jpg Better Ingredients - Our standard formula comes with Vitamin B12 and Cell Salts support.
checkmark.jpg 100% Legitimate - All of our product are manufactured under cGMP standards.  Our lab is GMP certified, Kosher certified, and FDA registered.  We can provide all microbial reports and certificates of analysis to ensure that you are getting the product you pay for.  Purchase with confidence knowing that your product is being manufactured under the strictest of regulations to ensure safety to all of your consumers.
checkmark.jpg Sample Labels - Along with providing sample labels, we are the ONLY supplier that has run their label through top attorney's in the nutrition industry to ensure compliance standards in the homeopathic products industry.
checkmark.jpg 100% Satisfaction - We manage hundreds of retail accounts currently and we still to this day retain 100% of those accounts.
checkmark.jpg Huge Profit Potential - We abide by our company standard "make the retailers money".  If you're not making money, neither are we.  We go out of our way to ensure you have the resources available to make money.
checkmark.jpg Fully Insured - Our company is fully insured for product liability.  We can even add your company under our policy so that you don't have to take any of the risk in the event that a consumer becomes ill while taking the product.


Return Policy

Ever not happy with your purchase?  Did you purchase 100 bottles and decide you no longer wanted them?  No problem.

Sealed Bottles - We'll take back any sealed bottles you still have in stock, no RMA or anything required.  You don't even need to give us a reason on why you didn't want it.  This is a LIFETIME guarantee.  Even if the bottle is expired, we'll take it back off your hands.

Unsealed Bottles - Truth be told we are a wholesale company and there are a few benefits of working with a retailer.  Paying the super high premium price that retailers sell their bottles at allows them flexibility of offering a money back guarantee, sealed or unsealed.  We'd be out of business quickly if someone ordered 1000 units, opened each one, then mailed them back for a full refund.

Save everyone time and money.  When you get your order, open up a bottle and begin using it for yourself.  You WILL see results.  If you still don't like it, return your sealed batch and we'll refund you within days of receving the batch back.  GUARANTEED!


Still undecided about purchasing?  Do you have any questions we can help answer?  Contact us directly at 888-764-8684, or simply submit a question on our Contact Us page!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review